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I am always open to reviewing submissions, and here is my most recent one, as detailed as I could get it:
But seeing as I do not like to be like the rest of the crowd, I do have to critique the video in a kindly manor.

First few things entail the starting scene before we even start at the loading screen, I can understand you wanting the walking guy to walk so as to keep us a little less bored while it loads, but his foot movements are too big and too fast for him to be walking that slow. And I do understand the concept of forgetting the reality when watching a movie so as to enjoy it, but I find that hard sometimes.

1. The next issue I hold is with the guys hair/hat combo. To me, it looks weird, it doesn't look bad, but it just doesn't seem to be right. I think this may have to do with a future critique...
2. The only other thing with the first scene is with the guy's shoes. Two things I see with them:
a. The shoes have no defining outline so they tend to blend into the floor.
b. The shadow does not seem to properly line up to the shoes as he walks,
but this is just a minor detail that is rather hard to notice.
3. The next issue I hold is with his #1 change. What makes him fall over? I mean, all I see is him look behind himself and then, wo...a...w arg, I fell.
4. The only issue I hold with his #2 change is his feet again. His farthest foot(right I think) seems to be broken or at an odd angle as if the pencil slipped in your hand.
5. His #3 change is alright, but his mouth just seems to be either missing, or is it that thing that looks like a nose? I can understand if there is no mouth, but if there is, I sure don't see it.
6. His #4 change is pretty darn epic if I do say so. I see nothing wrong with it.
7. His #5 change is alright, but not the best. A few things wrong:
a. His spike of a hair due seems to be jutting out towards his hand a little too
much. This could be a resultant of (b).
b. His arm holding the transmogrification machine seems way too
disproportionate to the rest of his body. This could be from (a).
c. His feet again. The way he is standing, his right foot should be the bigger of the
two. Well, his left is bigger and this makes it seem like he is crossing his legs
as if he was holding something in.
8. His #6 change is good. But, I am just unsure what the heck he is?
9. His #7 change was really short, but I seemed to notice that he like squishes down onto the floor as if he dropped from 100 stories above. Was this intentional or was it something else. It just makes it seem really odd to me.
10. His #8 change is mediocre. What was he? Paper that was depressed? Also, why does it seem that the left side of his shirt is sticking out like it was starched into place?
11. His #9 change was interesting. What is that thing he has above his head?(Not his hat) And it seems like there is a square plate in behind his head...
12. His #10 change was good. Only one issue, what is on his pants in his "man" area? It seems like he spilled something onto them there.
13. His #11 change was terrific! I loved that style of animation and wish that more artists would use it.
14. His #12 change was good and simple. No issues here.
15. His #13 change was mediocre. The lemon thing was not really walking all that well. He was just kind of hopping around.
16. His #14 change was good and simple.
17. His #15 change was alright. South Park has never really been big with me, but you seemed to retain its style well.
18. His #16 change was interesting. The green thing seemed to hobble with a gimp left leg.
19. His #17 change was good. No problems here.
20. His #18 and #19 change were good. What was he as both?
21. His #20 change was a real classic with gray hair. Nice move with that.
22. His #21 change was interesting. What was he? +1 star
23. His #22 change was by all means a scourge on this video. Who was that and why can't he walk?
24. His #23 change was simple yet intuitive.
25. His #24 change is just way too simple. Needs some more depth to him.
26. I am out of room...arg. The rest is in a pm to you.

27. His #25 change is epic. The only issue I hold here is that his hat, in a certain pose, looks like a really long nose on this guy.
28. His #26 change is good. No issues with this part.
29. His #27 change is also good. My only issue lies in that he is black/white while his orb is blue.
30. His #28 change is by far my favourite! The PowerPuff girls are epic and your stuck to their style of drawing perfectly.
31. His #29 change is good, but what the heck is he? I like the mustache on him and the reversed collar, but I just do not know what the heck he is.

Overall, the animations were good. Seeing as this took up 5k characters, the music and other stuff needs to be short.\

The music is a good 8-bit choice but gets annoying and sounds like it had an odd/old format to it that Flash does not like. It is synced very well with the animations and has a good beat to it, but that only lasts for about a minute or so, then its gone.

Another thing I noticed was the color pallet. I noticed you tended to keep a darker pallet but yet, have a lighter offset for it. My first critique, #1, mentions the definitions problem, this could be overcame with a different pallet setting. My concern is just buffer zones where two shades of one color meet and are dark and you have a dark definition line making it seem really odd. A good example of this is the first scene when we zoom in to see him hit the button. His arm sleeve has no definition between his body and his arm. To me, there should be a line there or have different shades from a lighting perspective.

Here is another good one, but seeing as I have not been on much recently, but am now getting on more, I am going to be doing more such as these:

Ok, in all reality never thought of getting a reply but this is great, because it tells me that you want to create an absolutely awesome game for people to play. Original quote:
"The game wasn't good nor was it bad, but it does leave room for some major improvement/ a sequel.
1. The game is just click here or click there which puts the user to sleep, maybe allow choice of attack, ie heavy, light, quick, etc. . .
2.When upgrading, don't just have a plus symbol, make it interesting to upgrade. Put pictures of the poses or items/parts you are upgrading. I would love to see a much more unique upgrade system that allows the user to choose what kind of character to build much like the Elder Scrolls games.
3. Add more backgrounds to the fight scenes, just two alternating, i can see why people are getting board of the game.
4. Allow the appearance of your character to be customized and the stats, not just 3 base people, allow the user to customize these 3 or create their own.
5. Going back to the attack, add a magic option, to where if the person wants to deal with magic they can but don't have to if they don't want to.
6. The final thing is the music, at the start screen it annoyed me so I shut if off and listened to my own music. Find some better, or maybe even have the ability to choose something like a radio station within the game to make it more interesting.
7. One pro, was that you could speed up the game play to where your not sitting there waiting, attack. . .defense. . .attack. . .defense. . .etc.
Overall, it was ok but there needs to be a lot of improvements.
If you want more ideas PM me."
Keeps me from repeating.
8. One thing that has yet to be done, at least from what I have seen, doesn't mean it inst out there, is an adjustable camera that can change centering to be on your character or the battle.
A. When on your character, it can be rotated around to see your whole character, this is going off of # 4 where you can customize them.
B. If on the battle the ability to rotate it around and see how your character moves when attacking or maybe even the ability to see the other persons' moves.
9. Building off of #1, #4 needs to be taken into account, so have functions to determine the value for each battle stat based off of the customizable stat.
A. 1 attack point is equal to .5 damage on quick, 1 damage on normal, 2 damage on heavy
B. 1 speed point with 1 attack point equals 1 damage on quick 1 damage on normal and 1.5 damage on heavy and so forth.
C. Strength, Magic, Charm, Intelligence, Defense, etc. But also take armor into account.
10. Building #5 magic, give the player the option of magic if they want it, because some times I want magic and others I don't. But they can not change the option in game or battle, only at the start or when they die. Also, if the option is check in the middle of the game, they start off with the base magic determined by you. If they turn the option off, but turn it back on, the magic stat level is at what they left it at.
11. BTW have infinite lives, but if you keep a score board(#12), list how many times they died and have a(some) function(s) to take a certain amount off of their score based on when they die, and how many times they die, and how many times they change the magic option.
12. With the score board, it was a very smart choice to make the score board open in game and not another tab, that to me is the most annoying thing about some games. For the score use what I said in #11 for score subtraction. For gaining score, you should gain a different amount for different enemies. The harder the enemy, compared to your stat setup, ie you went speed but no strength and your going against a heavy enemy your not going to do so well for he has a lot of health and you do not do much damage. . .
13. Armor, have the ability to choose which armor tree to pick, kinda like bubble tanks... but you are not stuck to the tree well you are until you choose a new armor out of that tree... Same thing with shoes/boots and swords. Each one has their own stat enhancements, but also have drawbacks, quick sword=less damage, heavy sword=less speed and etc. Have functions again to determine what each sword does based on what level the person is on and the personal stats.
That is about all I have for today, for this game type, but if you want to create a whole new game that is somewhat like an RTS or strategy PM me away.
Hope I helped you and that this is constructive in every way possible and that your feelings are not hurt.

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